We take a look back

A challenging year is coming to an end: We would like to thank you for your loyalty and show you a review of our journey through 2022.

Corona as a challenge

The beginning of the year was characterized by Corona-related restrictions and a lack of available raw materials. The Corona restrictions affected our assembly and commissioning departments in particular. Travelling became more costly and it was difficult to enter certain countries at all. Thanks to the flexibility of our personnel as well as our experience from previous years, most of the assignments could however still be realized without any major restrictions for our customers. From spring onwards, the Corona restrictions were history in most countries and we were again able to carry out our service assignments as usual. 

The consequences of the war

Raw material availability was already tight in the previous year and prices were high. Unfortunately, the expected relief for 2022 did not occur. The situation even worsened with the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The price of raw materials increased on a daily basis. If required material was available at all, then only with a price validity of a few days. This massively hampered our order processing and presented procurement and logistics with difficult tasks. During the year, the situation for raw materials stabilized and in some cases returned to normal. On the other hand, the energy crisis caused manufactured products to remain at a very high price level. Unfortunately, the Russia-Ukraine conflict also impacted our business in Russia. The sanctions have made our deliveries to Russia harder. This was despite the fact that our environmental technology products and our customers were not affected by the sanctions. 


In 2022, major projects were successfully completed. In particular, a project for two new electrostatic precipitators and the upgrade of two SCR-DeNOx installations were commissioned and successfully completed at ZAB Bazenheid. In addition, electrostatic precipitators for tar separation were successfully put into operation at the French steel mills in Fos-sur-Mer and Dunkerque. Likewise, several electrostatic precipitators for biomass power plants were taken into operation in Japan and Turkey.

We received new orders in all sectors, thanks to strong demand and increasingly stringent sustainable requirements for industrial installations.

Despite the continuing energy crisis and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, we look into the new year with confidence. Our environmental technology installations are still in demand.

The energy crisis in particular shows how important sustainable energy sources such as biomass have become. With our installations, we are making a major contribution to air pollution control in this area. Our mission will therefore remain highly topical in the new year - We work for better air! 

We wish you a wonderful start into the new year and thank you very much for the successful cooperation!

Your ELEX team