The Optimal Fluid Flow By elex1 general

An even and backflow-free redirection of gases within gas ducts and the gas distribution is an important factor for the performance of ELEX products. Twisting gas ducts can be realized and adaptations to the existing system (ELEX or third-party ESPs) can be integrated.

With the help of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) ELEX can solve fluid mechanical problems with numerical methods. This is a cheaper alternative to model tests and accelerates the solution finding greatly.

Every product from ELEX regularly undergoes fluid dynamic optimization, resulting in lower pressure drops and weight reductions. Existing fans or can reused and capital and operational costs will be kept low.

In picture 1 an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is displayed with an inlet and outlet transition from and to the top. The gas flow is evenly distributed over the available cross-sectional area and flows through the gas passages of the ESP. Even inlet and outlet transitions from the bottom or to the sides don’t pose a serious issue.

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Picture 1: Flow paths of dust particles, ELEX ESP in the cement industry




ELEX was founded in 1934 and is a Swiss family-run company with branch offices in India, China and Germany. ELEX is a global name that stands for cleaning of industrial gases. More than 7000 units installed worldwide are proof of the highly specialised ELEX engineering.


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