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ELEX is a global name that stands for the cleaning of industrial gases and the recovery of reusable materials. Each of the more than 7000 units installed worldwide since 1934 focuses on specific customer needs. Depending on individual requirements, the units can be manufactured by us completely or, within the parameters of project-related cooperation agreements, either as a new unit or an extension to an existing equipment.

Since foundation of the company, the core of our products has been safeguarded by the highly specialised ELEX engineering, which for decades has kept abreast of the latest developments in our industry. We are committed not only to highly innovative technology, but also to the reliability and durability of our products. As this commitment plays a central role in the design of our products, our name stands for the perfect cleaning of industrial gases. Our strength in optimising integrated solutions is a guarantee for our customers that they can continue to rely on us, now and in the future. Unrivalled in quality, ELEX remains innovative for, at the very least, the next 7000 units.


Electrostatic precipitators with their countless areas of application remain the most economical system for the removal of dust from industrial gases. Low energy consumption, low cost of maintenance and spare parts and high life expectancy characterise our electrostatic precipitators.


Evaporative coolers are used in the case of certain gas-cleaning processes, particularly in the cement industry. By injecting water which is subsequently evaporated, the temperature of the waste gas is lowered to the necessary level for the operation of an electrostatic precipitator or other components. The gas volume and the specific resistance of the dust in the gas are reduced.


Since 1988, ELEX has been supplying installations for the catalytic cleaning of gases. The process reduces toxic elements such as NOx, dioxin and furan and hydrocarbon and ammonia in order to comply with the toughest requirements worldwide and without producing residues that will require disposal.


Thanks to the synergy resulting from the combination of a practically maintenance-free electrostatic precipitator with a bag house; very low clean gas dust contents can be achieved at low energy costs. Our concept is especially designed for upgrades of existing electrostatic precipitators, where the casing and the first chamber can be reused.


High outlet temperatures of clinker coolers can cause damage to the following components (e.g. an electrostatic precipitator). To avoid this, an ELEX water injection system can be installed. Thanks to the compact design, the installation into an existing clinker cooler is simple and easy.


Bag houses are insensitive to short-time operating problems at the production plant. Our core competence is the conversion of existing electrostatic precipitators into bag houses. Decades of experience enable ELEX to plan and execute a conversion within shortest time. Reverse air- and pulse jet- bag houses are available.