ELEX gas cleaning plants are characterized by their very high availability and low maintenance work. Nevertheless we recommend carrying out checks for the function- and maintenance value of the plants. If faults occur during operation, rapid assistance is necessary. We are here for you in an emergency and support you on site; competent and reliable.


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We are proud that the availability of the ELEX - gas cleaning plants is very high and the cost of their maintenance is proportionately low.

We recommend an inspection of our plants by one of our specialists once a year. The inspection usually takes only one day per plant to complete and increases their availability significantly. This is usually done in the course of total maintenance of the upstream production facilities. A revision usually will be carried out after one to three years, depending on the industrial sector. If spare parts should be needed, the demand can be identified and scheduled accordingly.

Flexibility is very important and we comply with the needs of our customers:
In many cases our customers can carry out the revisions themselves, under the supervision of our experts. We are, of course, happy to provide a service team by request.

We also know a lot about plants of other manufacturers and deliver spare parts when necessary.



Capacity increases or new limits can be adhered to with relatively little effort through the reconstruction existing plants. Conversions require a high level of experience, as sometimes work is carried out during operation and / or in confined spaces. A long list of references demonstrates the high quality of our rebuilding concepts. It is important to us, to only replace what is essential and to use existing components in an optimal way.

Possible upgrade options are:

  • Installation of additional fields
  • Upgrades of other make ESPs to ELEX standard
  • Enlargement of the collecting surface by extending the field length
  • Use of alternative high voltage technology (SMPS or three phase – units)
  • Conversion of electrostatic precipitators to hybrid filters
  • Conversion of electrostatic precipitators to bag houses




No matter what's the problem, our engineers will help you to find a solution in the whole spectrum of the flue gas cleaning. How can the flue gas cleaning be optimized? Maybe you consider if you want to redevelop or expand your filter system? Or you think about the purchase of an electrostatic precipitator or hybrid filter and consider their advantages and disadvantages. It would be a pleasure for us to assist you.

With more than 7000 built plants, we are your contact regarding purification of industrial waste gases. An expertise carried out by our specialists will give you quick and precise answers to your questions. We will advise you afterwards regarding possible solutions. Through our decades of experience, we solve your problem quickly and competently.



If needed, we can arrive at your plant in the shortest time possible due to our high flexibility. We know our customers' business and we are aware that a shut down cannot always be planned. Therefore a quick action is required. Due to our expert knowledge, an impending plant shut down, reduced mode or other consequences may be prevented. Contact us - the service team is looking forward to solve your problem.



ELEX has done pioneer work several times, obtain patents and introducing new technologies. We have extensive experience in building of pilot plants. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a corresponding project.