ELEX AG (ELectrical EXtraction) was founded in 1934 and is a Swiss family-run company with branch offices in India, China and Germany. For over 80 years the company has focused on its core competencies - the flue gas cleaning - and thus established itself worldwide as one of the market leaders in this sector. Over 7000 units installed worldwide are the evidence of the always highly specialized engineering of ELEX, which has been constantly kept up to date over the decades. ELEX plants are designed for flue gas amounts of at least 20,000 cubic meters per hour. There is no limit to the top.


We are ISO 9001 certified since 1995:

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 German 

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 English


2017 – Takeover of ELEX CemCat AG by Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions +

In 2017, the Joint Venture ELEX CemCat AG was taken over by Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions. CemCat was integrated as business unit into Maerz Ofenbau AG, based in Zurich. Maerz Ofenbau AG, a subsidiary of Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, is the world market leader for lime shaft kilns.

2012 - Founding ELEX Financial Services +

ELEX Financial Services was founded for the administration of ELEX group as well as the acquisition of external trust clients.

2010 - Founding ELEX China +

To strengthen the presence in China, in 2010 ELEX China was founded, headquartered in Changzhou. Since then, ELEX China has built more than 10 plants, mainly electrostatic precipitators and DeNOx plants.

Website ELEX China

ELEX China headquarters in Changzhou, ChinaFirst ESP and SCR plant built by ELEX China in Yichang, China
2009 - Founding ELEX CemCat +

The growing requirements for the flue gas cleaning in the cement industry demands the best innovative solutions. Therefore, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (former Polysius AG) and ELEX AG have established a joint venture in 2009:

ELEX CemCat AG for catalytic flue gas cleaning in cement plants. The first plant was commissioned in Joppa (USA) in 2013.

Website CemCat

ELEX CemCat LogoFirst ELEX CemCat SCR plant in Joppa, IL, USA
2008 - Founding SMS ELEX +

To strengthen the activities in the field of environmental technology, ELEX AG founded together with SMS Siemag AG in the year 2008 a new company SMS ELEX AG, headquartered in Schwerzenbach. SMS ELEX AG sells and builds dry- and wet-type round electrostatic precipitators of a new generation for steel mills. The first round electrostatic precipitator was commissioned in 2014 in Cilegon (Indonesia).

Website SMS ELEX

SMS ELEX LogoFirst SMS ELEX round ESP in Cilegon, Indonesia
2003 - Assignation of SCR patent +

After ELEX AG had already built pilot systems for catalytic denitrification of flue gases in cement plants in the 1990s, ELEX received the patent for this product in 2013
The first industrial plant was finally built and commissioned  in 2006 in Monselice (Italy).

First industrial SCR plant in Monselice, Italy
2002 - Takeover ELEX India +

In 2002, ELEX took over the majority of the previous licensee ETS-ELEX (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mt based in Thane. The company name was changed to ELEX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. ELEX India has built and commissioned over 500 plants since: mainly electrostatic precipitators, but also hybrid filters, detarrers, bag houses (pulse jet and reverse air) and wet ESPs.

ELEX AG and ELEX India characterize a close cooperation.

Website ELEX India

ESP built by ELEX IndiaESP built by ELEX India
1998 - Commissioning of the first hybrid filter +

ELEX AG introduces the combination of fabric and electrostatic filters: the hybrid filter.

The first plant was built and commissioned in Fumane (Italy). In the following years many other hybrid filters were built.

First hybrid filter under construction in Fumane, ItalyELEX hybrid filter in Itapessoca, Brazil
1995 - Certification by ISO 9001 +

According to ISO 9001 standards in order to meet customers requirements, ELEX implements a quality management system. Thus, the quality of the products and hence the customer satisfaction will be ensured.

ISO 9001 certification - page 1ISO 9001 certification - page 2
1992 - Founding ELEX Holding +

Reorganization of ELEX group by establishing ELEX Holding.

1988 - Construction of the first DeNOx plant +

ELEX AG had rightly decided to expand its product spectrum and introduced the catalytic flue gas cleaning (DeNOx). 1988, the first plant was built and commissioned in the waste incineration plant Josefstrasse in Zurich.

Catalyst cleaning system of the first DeNOx plant, waste incineration JosefstrasseAmmonia storage of the first DeNOx plant, waste incineration Josefstrasse
1988 - Repurchase from AAF +

The owner family decides to buy back ELEX from AAF.

1987 - Founding ELEX GmbH +

To gain easier access to the EU-area, ELEX GmbH was founded, based in Germany.

1970 - Takeover by AAF +

In 1970, the company American Air Filter (AAF) took over the majority of the shares of ELEX AG, which turned out to be a good decision at the time.

ESP-flyer published by AAF-ELEXBrochure published by AAF-ELEX
1965/66 - Building a research and development facility +

In 1965/66 the ELEX built a research institute at their present location in Schwerzenbach. Thus some of the problems the research department experienced could be solved, which most likely could not have been otherwise.

Research and development facility in SchwerzenbachInterior view of the research and development facility
1934 - Founding of ELEX AG +

The success story of ELEX AG was founded in 1934 by Albert Meyerhofer and his son Ernst.

The name ELEX derives from „ELectrical EXtraction“.

The next generation, the two sons of Ernst Meyerhofer joined the company and steered the business of the company in the meaning and tradition after the founding fathers and were greatly successful by doing so.

Already at the beginning and also later during the war years, ELEX AG had repeatedly pioneered and developed new products on behalf of customers. The products convinced the market so much that competing companies replicated ELEX's products. Despite the price war that followed, ELEX AG  was able to keep many of their clients due to a constant and high quality throughout.

Flyer for the new RS-ElectrodeELEX ESP2 ESPs behind an electric platinum concentrate melting furnace and converter

Elex Holding

ELEX Holding owns directly ELEX Financial Services AG and ELEX AG whic holds an interest of ELEX GmbH (Germany), ELEX India, ELEX China as well as SMS ELEX AG (Switzerland). 


1. ELEX designs and builds plants in the field of industrial gas purification. We offer our services during the entire operating time of our plants.


2. Our proven products are constantly being developed and are characterized by their high quality, ease of maintenance, high availability and long service life.


3. We operate around the world, but focus on markets where demand is high and applications that require suitable know how and state of the art technology.


4. We are geared to the needs of our customers and solve their problems comprehensively and efficiently.


5. Our relationships with our business partners are characterized by cooperation and fairness.


6. For ELEX, motivated, committed, team-oriented and responsible employees are essential, their personal and professional development is encouraged.


7. A participatory management style is maintained.