Electrostatic precipitators with their countless areas of application remain the most economical system for the removal of dust from industrial gases. Operating costs are reduced due to low energy consumption, and the cost of maintenance and spare parts is very low. In addition, the life expectancy of an electrostatic precipitator usually exceeds that of the upstream production units, such as kilns, mills, driers and coolers.



Electrons are emitted from discharge electrodes which have been charged with a rectified negative high voltage. These electrons migrate to the collecting electrodes. As the electrons accumulate on the dust particles, the latter become negatively charged. The electric field transports them to the earthed collecting electrodes where they are deposited. Mechanical rapping equipment cleans the collecting electrodes by means of periodic rapping. The robust RS electrodes and the maintenance-friendly design are only two of the ELEX electrostatic precipitator’s main characteristics.


Capacity increases or new limits can be adhered to with relatively little effort through the reconstruction of existing plants. Rebuildings require a high level of experience, because sometimes it must be worked during operation and / or in confined spaces. A long list of references is the proof of the high quality of our rebuilding concepts. It is important to replace only what is really necessary and to use existing components in an optimal way.

Possible upgrade options are:

  • Installation of additional fields
  • Upgrades of other make ESPs to ELEX standard
  • Enlargement of the collecting surface by extending the field length
  • Use of alternative high voltage technology (SMPS or three phase – units)
  • Conversion of electrostatic precipitators to hybrid filters
  • Conversion of electrostatic precipitators to bag houses






ELEX offers you a solution for each application. Electrostatic precipitators can be constructed in countless variations. We supply dry- and wet-type electrostatic precipitators, in horizontal or vertical construction, according to your specifications and requirements.

For each application, we develop the technically optimal and most economical solution. The continuous and further development of all precipitator components using the most advanced technologies and the analysis and evaluation of measured results under various operating conditions have provided an immense pool of experience. When choosing on an ELEX installation, customers benefit from unrivalled know-how.

To strengthen the activities in the field of environmental technology for steelworks, in 2008 ELEX AG founded together with SMS Siemag AG a new company called SMS ELEX AG (http://www.sms-elex.com/), with headquarter in Schwerzenbach. SMS ELEX AG builds and sells dry- and wet-type round electrostatic precipitators of a new generation for steelworks.

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