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Thanks to the synergy resulting from the combination of a practically maintenance-free electrostatic precipitator with a bag house; very good pure gases can be achieved at low energy costs. One electrostatic precipitator field alone is capable of eliminating at least 90 % of the dust volume at very low energy consumption. Thanks to the ionisation and agglomeration effect in the electrostatic precipitator section, pressure loss in the fabric filter is reduced by up to 40 %. As only 10 % of the cleaning performance is carried out by the fabric filter, the use of compressed air is significantly reduced, which consequently significantly extends the life and maintenance intervals of the filter media. As a result, overall efficiency is higher than with fabric filters.
This concept is especially adapted to the remodelling of old electrostatic precipitators where the existing housing and the first electrostatic precipitator field can still be used.



The ELEX custom-designed and manufactured hybrid filter systems reflect decades of experience and continuous research to achieve the best possible outcome.

Hybrid filters are used most frequently in the cement industry and for boilers, fired with coal or biomass.

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